Passion: Leatherwork

Background: Cody’s desire to work with leather, metal, and wood is evident by the way he still pursues these projects alongside attending classes, working, and starting a family. He is passionate about creating products that push his boundaries and satisfy the expectations of clients.

“Every wallet I make, I want to be the best wallet I’ve ever made. Every wallet is a competition with myself.”

“The story of the worst wallet I’ve ever made, it’s ugly, but it’s my favorite wallet: So, I was in the middle of a deadline, I was working like 70 hours per week and I was in the middle of a pre-Calc class. It was super stressful and I didn’t have any time for any of it. I was working, and there was a deadline that was due Saturday. On that Thursday, I found out that a friend of mine, from growing up, had passed away. Normally, stuff like that doesn’t get to me. I was so stressed out that I just broke down and cried in the office. They sent me home, and told me I had the next two days off. I didn’t know what to do, I just came home and started working on that wallet.”

“It’s very calming. Working on a wallet, I may end up making 50 cents an hour, but that’s not why I do it.”

“Responsibilities and stresses, just through your normal work, can suck. But if it’s something that is your own, it’s way more enjoyable.

Before this, I had never worked until 3 a.m. with a smile on my face.”

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