A project by nate shultz

This project is titled “Spark the Pursuit” and is intended to inspire people to pursue the passions that have been placed on their hearts, minds, and souls.

We are inherently created with a desire to pursue something that gives us an inspiration, a purpose, an individuality, a personality, or something to pass onto someone else.

I hope to engage passionate people in their own environment, capture a few portraits, and converse with them about how this pursuit has impacted their hopes and priorities, the way they push themselves, and the community with which they engage. 

Through my own experience, I know that there are times when a passion can fade. Due to the natural ebbs and flows of our lives, or by a new change in routines and schedules. 

Unfortunately, we can also lose sight of our passion because we choose to suppress it in exchange for less-challenging, mindless activities. 

These are the times when we need a spark, an encouragement, to remind us that the challenge of a well-intended passion is important for our physical and mental well-being. Some of us need encouraged to continue investing in our passion, and some of us need awakened to the the fact that we were created to do more than simply pass the time. 

It is not necessarily the specific passion that ties us together, but the pursuit that is common to all of us.

In this series, I hope you are struck to toss aside the minor distractions that bring an intoxicating easiness with them. I hope you dive back into what stirs you to learn, grow, share, and invest.

I hope you enjoy this project that has re-ignited my own passions of photography and of sharing the stories of others.

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