Passion: Finding and making healthy, non-toxic choices in her life, and empowering women to educate themselves on better decisions for themselves and their families.


Katelyn speaks transparently about the struggles and concerns in her life that led to her discovering this passion. As someone who experienced unexplained infertility, miscarriage, and diagnosed anxiety, Katelyn wanted to know if there were things that she could do to positively impact her health in addition to the medical interventions she was being provided.

She began researching and making gradual, important changes to her routines and the products that she uses every day. This passion has only grown since having her daughter two years ago and as she is currently expecting her second child in December.

Not only has Katelyn’s passion for non-toxic options helped make her and her family healthier, but she has also enjoyed sharing these experiences with her family and friends. Through her story, you will find Katelyn is an open book, being authentic and very realistic about her hopes and goals. It is clear that she wants to help empower the women in her life who are interested in pursuing their wellness.

“When Nate and I were dealing with infertility and miscarriage several years ago, I started researching the main things that can impact reproductive health. Toxins in household and beauty products were at the top of that list. I kept reading and learning and decided that we needed to make some significant changes in what we were consuming, purchasing, and using.”

“I’ve also had a lot of people in my family with a variety of cancers, and I accept that we cannot control the things that are just seemingly random. But, the more that we learn as a society, the more we hear about chemicals influencing the presence of a lot of those diseases.”

“I started looking into toxins and found out that fragrances are one of the most impactful hormone disruptors. I’ve always wanted my home to be a welcoming, comfortable place, so I was really into candles. I would have several candles burning at all times throughout our house. So, I got rid of my perfume and all my candles. Essential oils became one of the first switches that I made. Next, I started to research the cleaning products we brought into our home, laundry detergent, dish soap, etc. and began the process of substituting as many as I could.”

“When we were able to get pregnant with Ainsley, I would see a lot of products that said ‘not recommended for use while pregnant,’ and I began to think, if I’m not supposed to use that product while pregnant, then why should I use that product if I weren’t pregnant? It is super important to care for that baby and your children, but it’s also important to care for your own health and body.”

“It’s not just essential oils, it’s also about the food we eat. We are trying to eat whole foods and cook things at home often. Cooking has always been a passion of mine. It can be difficult as a full-time working mom, but it brings me joy to make quality food that makes you feel good and tastes great. It’s not a diet, it’s just being conscious about your wellness as a whole.”

“It’s not an easy transition to make, because of the number of products you use on a daily basis. And it does not have to be an ‘all or nothing’ thing. Any small step we can make for our health and our family’s health is a big win. There are not many things in life that are just a switch where you can immediately change everything. 

I’ve also done a lot of work with my anxiety and my mental health. I didn’t just stop doing all of the wrong things one day and start doing all of the right things the next day. You learn and you grow over time.”

“There’s a big part of me that loves sharing it with other women. The friends and family in my life that I care about so much. There are small steps they can make, and I want to be able to share with them how they can be the healthiest versions of themselves.”

“I’m still a big proponent of getting the “Western medicine” that you need for medical issues. While essential oils and non-toxic products aren’t the sole cure for mental health issues or physical ailments, I also don’t think there’s many things in life that have a sole cure in medicine either. So, if there are non-toxic things that you can put in your routine in life that can curb some symptoms of things, then why wouldn’t you add that?

For example, my whole life I’ve had chronic headaches, so I always took a lot of ibuprofen. My doctor actually told me that other symptoms I was experiencing were probably a result of having ibuprofen too often.

I’ve since gotten rid of ibuprofen. I will still use Tylenol sometimes when my headaches are really bad, but I don’t use it without first trying peppermint essential oil. Many times, I can catch the headache early and the peppermint is enough to keep me from taking Tylenol. So, I will never be someone who says ‘I will never touch Tylenol again,’ but the amount I’ve been able to reduce putting it into my body is important to me. 

There are many illnesses that require Western medicine, and that’s never going away. However, if there’s a non-toxic option that you can try first, then that’s worth the investment.

“One thing that’s always worried me is that people might think I'm not authentic with this, because they see that I still use certain products, or medicines, or if I stop at a Wendy’s and get a cheeseburger. I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing the things that I think are right, and I’m trying to make as many improvements as I canbut it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.”

“I was very self-conscious (and honestly, some days still am) about starting this journey. I thought people would think I was crazy with all the ‘non-toxic’ talk. I was worried they'd think I was simply hoping to sell them a product. I worried they would think I'm just a ‘conspiracy theory’ person. And while none of those things are true, I've had to work hard to continue to start on my own journey and share with others without overthinking what others may be saying or thinking about me. You don't know things until you know them, so I want to be open-minded to the information that I've learned about common household products.

“I want to be the best wife and mother that God has created me to be. So, I get excited when I find better options for cleaning our clothes, or for wiping down that countertop where our daughter is going to set her breakfast in the morning.”

“If you are passionate about something, talk to people about it. Share it with others. Don't hide it, just because you're worried about what others might think. Passions should not be judged by others. Everyone has a different passion and mine does not have to be yours. But when you feel strongly about something, pursue it, go after it, and don't let others make you feel inferior because of it.”

To learn more about Katelyn's Passion for Healthy Non-Toxic Living, check out her instagram: @Kate_LivingWell