Passion: Being a part of a strong fellowship of women that use exercise to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Background: Monica has always tried to do activities that keep her body moving, but she found her true passion for exercise after being gifted five one-on-one training sessions with a local trainer, John Foster. Then, Monica began doing group “bootcamps” with a community of women that would encourage, educate, and lift each other up. Over time, Monica has expanded both the types of exercise and the community of people who train with her. She has recently enjoyed boxing and spinning, and continues to do HIIT workouts with groups that can sometimes eclipse 40 people! Monica’s passion is about much more than simply being “in shape.”

“I am passionate about exercise and how it clears the mind and calms the soul. It is not solely about being ‘thinner.’ As a society, we are hung up on seeing exercise as a way to fit in the ‘mold’ of the perfect body. It is about being healthy, not only in your body, but also in your mental well being.  That is the part that is forgotten when only viewing the surface of exercise.”

"I have discovered a newfound confidence in myself. I can do things I never thought I would be good at. I have never seen myself as an athlete. When I was in high school, girls were not encouraged to play sports, as boys were, so I did not try out for any sports teams... even though I really liked volleyball. Now, because of this passion that I have found, I know that I am not unathletic like I once believed!"

“I hope that I can continue to exercise for a long time and be an inspiration to young people to exercise for their mental well being, as well as their health. I want them to see exercise as a way of life and not just to lose weight."

“When you discover your passion, there will be a driving force that will sustain you through the growing pains of finding the confidence to continue your pursuit. Money and time will not be a factor once you discover your fire. Once the fire is blazing there will be no stopping you.”

“What keeps me coming back for more? The community of women who lift each other up and encourage you to reach that new weight squatted, pressed, or boxing sequences mastered. It is incredible what can be achieved when there is a group of people who are in your corner.”

Monica's current HIIT class at The Warehouse

“Because of this passion to better our minds and souls, we have cultivated this incredible relationship of strength and support for each other not only within the walls of the gym but outside of it as well.”